Zyban Day 12

So between Days 5 and 12… Heck of a week!!!

As the days progressed two things became very evident.. 1, Zyban works and 2, I can’t use it! Let me explain:

After the first week, I wasn’t smoking any less often, but the desire wasn’t as intense. I’d smoke less of each cigarette, not always finishing, and not enjoying them as intensely as before… Great news! Maybe this will work!?

Also after the first week the difficulty sleeping became worse. Day by day I was feeling more anxious, and the last few days my chest was feeling sore, and my heart was racing to beat the band… Quick consult on the documentation from the pharmacist… Discontinue use immediately… So I did!

Really sucks! Doc. Is on vacation so have to wait to get in to see him.

Good news I haven’t had a single smoke today!…

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