Winter Cub Camp

Wow… What an awesome weekend!

Over 20 Cubs plus us leaders converged on Ebor Park, part of Blue Springs Scout Reserve for the weekend.

Raksha and I went out and did the shopping, gathered together most of the supplies and headed over to open up the camp and get the basics looked after. The two cabins weren’t in the greatest shape, but a little elbow grease and an hour or so after everyone arrived they were spotless.

Saturday Hathi & Bagheera had put in a lot of preparation to create a program so the kids could earn their World Conservation Badge and have a LOT of fun! They went on a couple of hikes, and created some really great posters for endangered species.

The weather cleared up a bit for us Saturday night and made for a fantastic evening. Raksha came up with night frisbee and even the leaders got into it. We took those glowing bracelets and taped four together.. it was a blast! Afterwards we had an incredible campfire complete with shadow skits (we hung a sheet between some trees and backlit it, great fun!), spider dogs, and many great campfire songs.

Both nights Hathi, true to form, read stories to the Cubs after lights out, something all the kids and he enjoy throroughly.

Sunday Baloo led us with a great Scouts Own, and Hathi read the Scouter’s Five. Excellent end to a great weekend.

The weather was a bit off, but the temperatures kept the weekend enjoyable and though I had a bad cold and commuted to the camp each morning, it was (by all reports) one of the very best camps I’ve ever attended. A true team effort, and a lot of fun.