Winter Camp

20080106_wintercubcampb.jpgWhat a great weekend!

The 4th Georgetown Cub Pack held their first ‘Winter Olympics’ this past weekend at Barber Memorial Scout Camp in Guelph, ON.

Mr. & Mrs. Bagheera put together an awesome program for our camp this weekend. The theme was Winter Olympics, the goal was to get every Cub in attendance their Athlete’s badge! It was a great success, the kids really enjoyed themselves too.
They had a blast running, long jump, dog sled races and more in the snow. They also rolled a very large (about 4′ diameter) snowball and used it as part of a snowfort they’d built. Many thanks to HBC who donated Olympic team Canada ball caps for everyone too!

One of many highlights of the weekend was Saturday night. We’d decided to hold our campfire indoors as everything was VERY wet. Before the campfire we held a special ceremony to invest two of our leaders, Raksha, and Mrs. Bagheera, then we did a formal necker change with Rikki-Tiki Tavi to officially make her part of our Pack. Two of our sixers, Ben and Maysen did a fantastic job as our flag bearers.

As we’ve all come to expect, Hathi put together an excellent camp fire. The Cubs put on some fantastic skits and the songs were great (even the ones we sang off key or forgot the lyrics, lol).

So it was another great camp. The facilities at Barber Memorial Scout Camp were excellent too. It was our first time using that camp, and I think we’ll be back!

4th Georgetown Winter Olympics