Aaron’s annual Trigr followup

Well we won’t be doing that one again! The next time we venture downtown Toronto, I’m going to check the MTO website to find out the road status!!!

We headed downtown for Aaron’s 11:30am Trigr followup, left home about 10:30ish (lots of time right??.. hehe)… Guess what?! Turns out falling ice from the CN Tower closed down the Gardener Express from Spadina on. Traffic was backed up all the way to the Jamison exit so we got off there and got onto Lakeshore… well a bit over 1 hour later we made it to the Hospital for Sick Children (2 hours in all).

So Tanya met up with us and the apointment went pretty good. We spoke with one of the nurses in the Trial Net Study (for siblings and family members of diabetics). Sara and I are looking at becoming involved in that study, anything to help forward the search for a cure!

Aaron is running really good on the height / weight charts, growing just above the 50 percentile. He really didn’t like having the blood taken today, he started crying, not screaming just crying 🙁

Got a great deal on a new leather belt.. can’t beat $5!

The ride home took a while trying to get west to Jamison to get back on the Gardener (they kept that entrance open later tonight because all the others were closed). Finally just after 4:30 we made it back to the house.

Moral: check the MTO to find out about road closures FIRST!!! LOL