Sometimes it doesn’t matter!

So perusing FaceBook this morning seeing lots of the usual medley of kitty and puppy pics with zen sayings and the lot, and came across this posting: Is winning all that counts? Are you absolutely sure about that?

I consider myself to have a fairly clean eye for (ahem), and despite my radar, I actually read this post. AND… not only did I read it, but I shared it on my wall!!! Those of you who know me, know I usually check things out before I post them. Well this time I didn’t… I shared it, but not without putting a little disclaimer in there ‘unverified… BUT so worthwhile a message…‘.

Afterwards, I was thinking, sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s real or poppycock a good story is a good story, a positive message is still a warm fuzzy.

So I did at least look it up on Snopes and found this article (here it is: about the special olympics story from over a decade ago, I totally HATE that story, it’s soooo over the top garbage! But! Read what snopes has to say about it… There’s a grain of truth in it!

That’s what I like, and not just like, really love to see, read and hear about. The real stories, what actually happened! Turns out the Special Olympics story a couple of athletes did turn around to help a fallen comrade, yeah!

In the case of our Spanish runner; Snopes doesn’t say what is true or untrue, just that several news agencies reported on it. So there’s at least some reality to the post, and at least it seems plausible.

So  sometimes, as long as a story isn’t so full of (ahem) that it brown, if it seems plausible, and it’s a decent story, with a good message, go ahead and post it!  For those of you who post totally unbelievable stuff… I’ll still rag on ya in the comments section =o)…