Scouting Background

Scouts Canada

I started in the Scouting movement at age 5 with the 7th Oshawa Beavers at Athabasca Street Public School. After 3 years of ‘sharing, sharing, sharing’ I transferred to he 37th Oshawa Cubs down the street from our house at Grandview Public School.

After finishing Cubs one of my best friends (Jim) at the time was going into Scouts with the 12th Oshawa Scout Troop at Harmony United Church. I decided to join him and it was some of the best memories growing up I remember.

Jim’s Dad was one of the Scouters and our Skip was Scouter Don. During my 3 years in Scouts I did a lot of camping, learned a whole lot about everything, and had a great time!

We camped at Camp Samac at least 3 times a year including attending the annual Camporee in May with hundreds of other Scouts from all over Ontario and upstate New York.

Towards the end of our third year Jim, and two other guys had decided to go for their Chief Scouts Award. Though I had done pretty much everything they had, I had not bothered too much with badge work. I buckled down and went through the Scout handbook badge by badge and with a bit of work was able to complete all the qualifications for the Award also. Part of my decision was based upon another friend of mine (Matthew) who was with the 7th Oshawa Scouts. He was also completing his Chief Scouts requirements and needed a buddy to do his 3 day Trek with. Always up for an adventure I opted to accompany him. With the trek already done (it was considered one of the most difficult requirements for the Award), I did it a second time with by buddy Jim, and all 4 of us received our Chief Scouts Award at a ceremony in Peterborough.

The next fall we all joined the 12th Venturer Company, after an awesome summer canoe trip with them. We paddled our way from Minden, ON to Port Perry (though the weather was rough and we ended up shy of Port Perry and completed the trip on the eastern shore of Lake Scugog).

While in Venturers Jim and I also became SIT’s and helped out the Scout Troop as Scouter’s in Training. That was a fun year as my younger brother James had joined by that time.

After our move to Scarborough and a year hiatis, I joined the 4th Scarborough Scout Troop as a leader and during my two years with them helped a couple of their Scouts get their Chief Scouts Award as well.

As life started to catch up with me, I left Scouting behind, but never too far behind. During the summer I turned 17 I worked for the Ministry of Natural Resouces as a Junior Ranger. The skills I’d learned in Scouting made me one of the most prepared Rangers in the camp. So much so that in the first week I earned the nickname ‘Scout’ which stuck with me for the summer.

Once our kids started getting of age, and we had settled here in Georgetown, I was asked if I’d like to become a leader with the 4th Georgetown Cub Pack. I had always fully intended in getting back into Scouting but always thought it would be when the kids reached Scout age.

Well I’m now in my second year as a Scouter with the Cubs and am having the time of my life!