Scouters’ club

So picked up Paul tonight at about 7:45 and off we went to Scouters’ club.

What a disappointment, only 4 of us showed up.. including the two of us! I think part of the reason was due to short notice on the date / time / location this month.

Got some great info though! Looks like they’re going to proceed with the idea of holding it at the Church on Trafalgar and 5 Side Rd. and finally it looks like they are going to pick a date (3rd or 4th Wednesday of each month) and stick with it! Having consistancy should hopefully get some other leaders out and some area participation back into the mix (cross my fingers).

I put in my name for Bushcraft, 3 weekends (1 winter, the other two in spring/summer) of camping, hiking and outdoor training (ok ya it sounds like a ton of fun!). It appears Lucas, will be going ahead with the Ultralight backpacking and Survival training courses for leaders, I hope to be able to fit them in too!

There was talk about the CCCJ’07 coming up next summer. Paul (cec) mentioned he may have a sponsor to help with costs for any groups which would like to attend! Also mentioned August 1st will be the Family / Beaver day with a full day of activities and fun for all.

Next Scouters’ club hope we have a decent turn out so we can begin planning a Cub resource day and also the Kub Kar rally which will be here sooner than we can blink.