Quit Smoking Day 14

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve survived the last two weeks!

First Zyban follow up: After going off the Zyban Feb 4th, the side effects slowly dissipated over the next 3 to 5 days… After 24hrs I still wanted to smoke (really badly!!) But was somehow able to hold back…

After two weeks I still really want to have a smoke… But haven’t! At least the urge to hunt someone down and kill them has slowly gone away! So you can all come out of hiding now! =o) LOL

So still not all to sure.. Going to try to get in to see the doctor this week, have a chat see what he thinks. I’m not confident this is going to stick long term. I’ve always been able to quit but whether it’s 1month, 3months, a year or more I eventually start up again.

Well we’ll see how it goes! Joining the Gym this week… See if that helps. Time to get started on another goal… Get more fit, and get the weight below 200bs…

Keep smilin’

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