All Hallow’s Eve

Chris and a few of his friends took Aaron out tonight trick-or-treating. They had a blast and after an hour had to empty their bags.. then all of them headed back out! First time Aaron's cleared our entire street and made it onto Weber... Ninja power … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Mark Rowe

Congratulations to fellow Scouter, local historian, and long term resident of Halton Hills, Mark Rowe on his victory in this past week's election! Mark successfully campaigned against incumbent, Rosanna Palmieri for Halton Catholic School Board … [Continue reading]

Halton safest place to live

WOW! Having been resident in Halton Hills for 8yrs now, I've known it's a great place, good people, community and we feel really safe here. But to actually know that per capita we're one of the safest places in canada to live.. Well that's pretty … [Continue reading]

A Civil House

Way-to-go! MP Michael Chong's motion to aid in creating a more civil Question Period was passed this week by the House! It's a long passed due idea, one that was sorely needed. There was a time, many years ago when Question Period in the House of … [Continue reading]


Good article! This keeps coming up consistently every few years, but old habits die hard... Static stretching should only be done at the end of your workout, after you've warmed up your muscles. Read on for the details: … [Continue reading]

Sara’s Can Crusher

Sara's Can Crusher

So at the cottage this weekend Sara had to complete her Can Crusher project (simple machines) for Science. She had the plans all thought out and Grandpa had the tools. So Grandpa and Sara worked together with him showing her how to use all the … [Continue reading]