Zyban Day 12

So between Days 5 and 12... Heck of a week!!! As the days progressed two things became very evident.. 1, Zyban works and 2, I can't use it! Let me explain: After the first week, I wasn't smoking any less often, but the desire wasn't as intense. I'd … [Continue reading]

Zyban – Day 5

So today is day 5! Yesterday my dosage increased from 150mg to 300.. So far so good! Dry mouth isn't near as bad (yeah!), but I think the Zyban may be affecting my sleep. The last couple nights I haven't been sleeping all that well. Hopefully this … [Continue reading]

Zyban – Day 2

So second day! So far so good! Only side affect I've noticed is dry-mouth.. Have to look into the details, but I think it's only supposed to be temporary??? Will find out! No change in smoking (but not to be expected for a couple weeks). Supposed … [Continue reading]

Zyban – Day 1

So picked up my prescription for Zyban today!  Yeah!!!! ... Ya right! LOL.. Starting with 1 pill daily for 3 days then up to 2 pills.. Doc gave me 6 weeks worth to start.. he wants to see me half way through to see how it's going.. Pretty good … [Continue reading]

CEC Camporee

4th Georgetown Venturer Scouts had an awesome weekend at the CEC Camporee @Goodyear Scout Camp in Orangeville this weekend. Thanks to all the Scouters and youth that played a part in putting together this excellent weekend! Highlights included the … [Continue reading]

New look for Google Apps

With the Beta of Google+ now out there, Google has started re-designing the look and feel of Google Apps (including GMail and other products) with the intention of full integration. Google Apps users have mostly all migrated to the new integrated … [Continue reading]

We have Wallpaper!

Yeah! Finally have some wallpaper for your desktop, and other pieces of the new Scouts Canada Branding Initiative that we can use and share with our friends and family! Scouts Canada - Brand Centre - Downloads   … [Continue reading]

8th Brampton in the news

8th Brampton Scouting Group made the local paper! Great write up on the Group celebrating 30 years at their BP banquet. Congrats to their Duke of Ed Award recipients too! It's a great achievement! Read more: … [Continue reading]