4 Months to get it Right

Alienware 14

As some of you know, I've been, overall very happy with my new Alienware MX R2. I did, however have one concern, and that was, as many of us do fear, being left behind. I had originally ordered my Alienware with Windows 8, fully understanding that … [Continue reading]


alt text

Sorry folks, I simply can't hold back any longer... We are expecting! Due date is April 22nd, on or around that date I'll be taking delivery of a brand new baby! Yes, I finally did it! I ordered a Alienware M14x R2. So pumped! 3rd gen … [Continue reading]

I QUIT! again…

Should be an interesting week ahead! Attempting, once again, to quit smoking... As I told my doctor, quitting smoking is the easy part, done it at least a dozen times now! LOL .. It's staying quit that I have the most difficulty with. Hopefully my … [Continue reading]

Sometimes it doesn’t matter!

So perusing FaceBook this morning seeing lots of the usual medley of kitty and puppy pics with zen sayings and the lot, and came across this posting: Is winning all that counts? Are you absolutely sure about that? I consider myself to have a … [Continue reading]

Quit Smoking – Day 38

Wow 38 Days.. Over 5 weeks without a single drag! Not going too bad, the cravings are just not their... I still want to smoke but it's neither the pull of the flavour nor the nicotine, it's not even the habits, more like waiting for the pull to come … [Continue reading]