New cell phone

LG 325So after going for the last month without my cell phone, I finally made the trip out to pick up a new cell.

When it comes to technology and toys I love (as most do) the toys and features. However I also tend towards being a purist in that I like simplicity. So I started going through the search. I checked out the three major providers with local shops in town (Bell Mobility (current provider), Telus and Rogers).

The first thing that I noticed was the proliferation of flip phones. Now flip phone are neat and all but… every flip phone I’ve owned the flips have eventually busted, and… I personally find it a pain in the butt everytime someone calls and I have an arm full trying to flip the phone open in order to answer the call. So I specifically did NOT want a flip phone this time. This seriously limited my options.

The next item I checked out were the available plans… Well lo-and-behold no one can come close to beating my existing plan. So back to Bell.

I was limited to only a few phones. The two phones that caught my eye were: The LG 325 and the Sanyo 4920.

The sales lady mentioned that the Sanyo phones (in general) have a good record for quality reception (which of course with going north into the Kawarthas can be an issue). The greatest advantage with the LG325 was that it came with a blue toothTM headset.

Intially I decided on the Sanyo model though it was more basic I liked the look, I placed my order as they were out of stock.

Today after ‘sleeping’ on it I decided the blue toothTM headset would be a far more valuable feature for me.

So I’ve finally got my cell phone back and have a bunch of neat toys to keep me busy figuring out how to use them for the next week. Next hunt… a USB cable that will allow me to download the photos off the phone (remember I’m cheap… I won’t pay $2 per image to download them! LOL).

LG 325