Jamboree on the Trail 2007

So we all met up at the entrance to the Limehouse trail and started out on our JOTT.

One of the members of the Limehouse preservation group (sorry the names escape me) met us and gave us a fantastic background on Limehouse and the famous Kilns. Very cool!

After looking at the remnants of various Kilns our guide left us to hike off onto a side trail of the Bruce. Scouter Kevin led the way. I was amazed at how beautiful the area is! We were all blown away by the incredible number of triliums we saw in all hues from pure white to the deep (almost purplish) of red triliums.

Shortly before noon we ended up at our lunch destination a nice sized park where we broke out the bar-b-ques and drinks and had a really enjoyable lunch of dogs and sausages. The kids did some running around and exploring for a bit and then we headed off on the last leg of our Journey.

This last shortest leg was awe-inspiring. In areas the ground had split open leaving large craigs (careful that first steps a doozy!) which you could hop over, some were large enough to climb down in. All of us, leaders and youth alike had a great time climbing around. The terrain got more and more adventurous as we neared ‘Hole in the Wall’. Well it was rightly named as it is exactly that a natural tunnel through the rocks! … coool!

After we played around there for a bit, we headed back having enjoyed the great outdoors, spent time with our friends and created some great Scouting memories!

My personal thanks to Scouter Kevin, and the Venturers who planned our JOTT for us this year.

Here’s some pics courtesy of Scouter Kevin…