2007 Walk for a Cure

JDRF Walk for a CureThis morning we checked in for the walk just after 9am. The weather was awesome and we had a nice bonus when we arrived they actually had room in the disabled parking this year!

Bert hadn’t been doing very well the past month or so but happily she was feeling good from the start and had no problems all day! She really wasn’t sure she’d be able to make the entire walk. Sara only needed her crutches towards the end of the walk (for those that don’t know she broke her toe three weeks ago.. shouldn’t try to kick your brother =o)).

Bert’s sister Liz walked with us this year again, we really appreciate her coming out every year. Lizette and Rachael (Chris’s friend from school) have come out with us the last couple of years and they met up with us at the half way point. Chris was sooo happy, him and Rachael were off in their own world for the rest of the walk, laughin’ and having a blast!

This was the best walk by far that we’ve participated in. All of us completed the 5km without any complaints, still able to keep going (guess the hiking in Cubs has helped Sara, Chris and I lol). Afterwards we had lunch in the park and the kids went off to play and check out the games and things. Chris made a bird house at the Rona booth, and Aaron got himself a helium filled balloon.. He was totally enthralled with it.. till we got home and he undid the string and watched it float away, lol.

Bert went off in search of a new glucometer. We currently have 4 Precision Extra Meters (two each, home, purse and school) and the newer versions have been giving Bert and Chris problems off and on for the last year, with Batteries and just dying. Anyway… She came across the Accu-Chek Compact Plus Glucometer, everything in one, no handling the strips. We’re going to check it out maybe even pick a couple up. I think it will be good for Chris less moving parts to lose haha.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who supported us for this year’s run. Some by joining us, some by sponsoring us, and others simply by wishing us well. Your support is always appreciated.