In need of eye glasses

So, a couple months ago I found out I need eyeglasses. Only for distance and my vision isn’t to the point I require them for driving yet, but I need them.

Where I notice it most is trying to read the guide on the television or road signs from a distance. Being the last Boyd (besides Aaron) to require glasses had been a source of pride for many years. I guess I’ll just have to settle for being the one that held out the longest. 🙂

Now the big dilemma, and the reason it’s been two months and I’m still glass-less… I can’t decide!

Seems the ones I like the kids (mostly Sara) address like “ew!”. Those of you with older teens understand that as an aging parent there comes a time we must listen to the fashion advice of our progeny or risk being forever shunned and relegated to the dark corners of their lives not to be seen in public with them again.

So today I posted the photo below of me wearing three different styles. I’m curious which style everyone else thinks looks good on me.

Please, chime in in the comments area, or feel free to reply to my post on Twitter (@boydrw) or on FaceBook (

I’m looking forward to seeing you better, soon!