Heritage Camp

So this weekend was the Heritage Camp (hopefully the 1st annual of many). The camp was open to all 3rd year Cubs and all Scouts. We had 5 Cubs and 3 Leaders (myself included) scheduled to go.

Unfortunately Sara and I both came down with a bout of stomach flu so neither her nor I were able to attend.

The weather was awesome hitting over 20°C on Saturday afternoon. The camp was a HUGE success in that it was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The kids really had a blast, getting an idea of what it was like to live in the 1800’s. They made capote’s (a coat made out of (traditionally) wool), helped prepare their Saturday meal cooked on open flame in cast iron cookware. They even got a chance to experience what it was like to be put through your paces by a drill sergeant!

I dropped by on Saturday evening (feeling a bit better) to see how all was going and stayed for the campfire. Some great skits, cheers and songs were put on by each group.

So great camp, lost one Cub to the flu Saturday and another Sunday morning and we weren’t the only group to make it to the end of the camp down in numbers… hey kinda like in a real war eh!


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