pumpkinHappy Halloween Everyone!

All week leading up to tonight we were expecting rain… Turned out it held off, the temperature was around 10°C and not too windy.

So the kids went out and had a great time trick-or-treating. Sara dressed as a vamp, Chris was a Ninja and Aaron went as a pumpkin.

kids in costumeAaron was priceless… never sure whether to be scared or laugh. From Sara and Chris dressing up for their hallowe’en party at cubs (last week) and then this morning to head off to school, and trying on costumes he’d finally gotten ‘not-afraid’ of them in costume. But that didn’t necessarily prepare him for everyone else coming to the door, seeing them on the street, and walking up to neighbour’s homes, lol. The first house that the dog came right to the door he dropped his bag and ran, I had to chase him down the driveway. By the end he’d figured out the deal: knock on the door (really cute to see him do it), hold the bag (couldn’t get him to say trick-or-treat though), people hold out candy, take the candy put it in the bag. Then.. he started holding out his hand for more! One lady put the bowl down on his level so he could see, and Aaron went ahead and helped himself, lol.

Chris went out with his friends Carl & Dillan and Dillan’s mom. Sara went with her friend Ali, they went around with Aaron and I for a little bit then off on their own. I caught up with Chris and Carl after Dillan had had enough.

All in all it was a pretty good night, not a lot of kids at the door this year but our three had a lot of fun

If you would like to see a few pics of the kids in costume visit our family site.