Biofuels & other ‘Green’ Technologies

An article in today’s news feeds brought to mind a very important issue… Should we abandon so called ‘Green’ technologies that, in reality are doing more harm to the environment or should we continue to do more harm than good?

On one hand we have the idea engines going, everyone trying to do what’s right for the future, for the planet and our communities.

On the other hand we have the reality that many of these ideas are, in the long run not beneficial.

Take for instance the hybrid car. Fantastic fuel savings and a lower carbon foot print, or is it… When we take into account the manufacturing of the hybrid technologies, the batteries, plastics, disposal it turns out that a so called ‘green’ vehicle actually does more harm than purchasing a fuel efficient 4 cylinder car! I’ve seen some reports that it can actually be compared to a Hummer!

Then there’s the wonderful biofuel, that prompted me to write this post. Yes they burn cleaner and are a definite step in the right direction but.. you guessed it, growing and harvesting the food products and producing the biofuel actually negates it’s benefit, not to mention the vast quantities of land required, the strain on food stores, and increased prices on grains being felt world wide.

Our community recently brought in the ‘green box’ program. Excellent program, especially for those who don’t compost themselves. Food stuffs, and other compostable items get put into the green box, picked up weekly and taken to a community composting facility where it is all processed. Sounds great, and this one truely is! However I have to question what happened in Guelph, Ontario when they ran into problems at their facility and opted to ship their greenbox to landfill in the US! Pretty much negates the benefit. So should the City of Guelph have opted to suspend greenbox collection until their facilities can be fixed?

The question is: Do we halt the use of these new ideas at the risk of falling back into old habits, and stagnating the scientific think machines from continuing to improve on these ideas, to hopefully come up with a truely beneficial ‘green’ idea, or do we continue to lull ourselves into complacency believing we are doing good when in the long run we are only hastening the destruction of our environment?

Personally, I believe we should encourage the new technologies, but be vigilant in educating the public about the realities and encourage each other to work towards doing those things that really will benefit our planet.

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