Great weekend workin’ outside

Another great weekend out of doors!

Friday night we all watched “The Lake House” with Sandra Bullock and Keano Reeves. Awesome flick!

Saturday I headed over to Bill’s (brother-in-law) gave him a hand emptying some mulch and spreading on his lawn. When we were almost done I remembered that I’d forgotten to mention a tree that a friend had down in his yard. Of course Bill was interested in the wood (Maple).

So off we went to John & Barb’s (Scout leaders) place to load up some good Maple wood. Turns out John was telling us that companies charge $200 to $600 to cut down a tree and up to another $600 to take away the wood!!!! Anyway, maybe Bill and I will hire ourselves out on the weekend to do some cutting and stuff. We both enjoy working together outside, who knows!

Sunday was a day around the house. We got a little help from the kids too (wonders will never cease, lol). Anyway, great day, good weather, we got the grass (aka Jungle) cut, some rocks moved out of the side garden in back (we want to seed it), dead weeds pulled from the old garden in back, and some patches seeding too. Very productive day!