Got my new cell Sanyo S1

sanyos1.jpgSo the old cell battery was down to lasting about as long as a single phone call… Of course it’s more expensive to purchase a new battery for the silly thing than it is to simply upgrade the phone! What a disposable society we live in.

So Saturday went over to the local Bell Store and checked out what was available. Blew me away! There is just so many options and so much that they are packing into these little phones these days.

I almost went with the HTC Touch, which is a nice small phone that runs with Windows Mobile OS and doesn’t require a data package. The big downfall, IMHO is that it didn’t have wifi access built in. Ya sure I could connect using the unlimited browser, but nah maybe in it’s next incarnation.

The next possibility was one of the Samsung phones (m500 or m510), nice little flip phone with 1.3 megapixel camera built in and ability to add up to 1GB or 2GB (respectively) micro SD expansion cards. So the question to me was to camera or not to camera.. Honestly the quality isn’t all that great, and I noticed with my last cell that the lens is constantly getting dirty.


I picked up a new Sanyo S1. extremely light and wafer thin (reminds me of one of those thin hershey bars lol). Typing on the keypad I find quite a bit easier than the old cell, and the display is tons brighter! If you want to check out more info on the phone here’s the link.