Happy Father’s Day

Grandpa & AaronAnother year has past and it’s once again Father’s Day. I’m sitting here, thinking of all the things I’ve done with my Dad throughout my life, all the great memories and my thoughts turn to my own kids and of the things we’ve done, the memories created and that are yet to be.

I’ve been very lucky to have a Dad that taught me how to do things. My dad was never into the usual sports, he was more into boating, water skiing, camping, building, fixing things and making everything around him better.

Through watching, helping and a little osmosis my Dad taught me how to drywall, wire up a plug properly and fix the plumbing. He still teaches me to this day, and is always there when I need him.

The greatest thing my Dad taught me though, was to always be there for others, to help people and not to prejudge.

I am pretty lucky to have the father I do, and I’m always thankful that he’s still with us, and always there when I need him. My greatest hope is that, as my kids get older, that they will look back and 30 years from now have as many good memories of me as I do of my Dad.”

Thanks Dad, for all you’ve done and for everything you still do today, Happy Father’s Day!