Myself & B-Pack Howlers @ DIBC 2016

This past weekend I finally made it to DIBC! I received many “Holy cow, it’s about time you made it!” comments throughout the weekend.. Reconnecting with dozens of Scouting friends, and making more are always a huge part of adventures like this; It’s one of the things I enjoy so much!

The 6 howlers that came from B-Pack this year were all looking forward to this weekend. Some had cautious anxiety of their first big camp, their first time hanging with the troop for a weekend and everything else, but they conquered it! The troop accepted them, and they accepted the troop. By Saturday morning they were one, and jumped right in on ideas and decisions for which events they wanted to participate in. So happy they all had such a great time! So many firsts for the youth, so many events they didn’t have time to do or decided not to this time. Easy to see why EVERY Scout wants to go back to DIBC year after year, and the numbers keep growing.

Huge thanks to all the Scouters who dedicated so much time to making this camp as amazing as it is! Very well done!

Here’s a few shots I managed to get in over the course of the weekend.. or feel free to jump directly to Facebook for a peek.