Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

A la Pepe le peu… ‘Le pant, la growl, le drool’… I think I found the next Mrs. Orion (don’t tell Bert)… Well at least maybe my next laptop, LOL

Dell has finally released a 13″ addition to the XPS family and it looks like a winner!

Coming in under 3lbs, with an Ulta-slim 6mm chasis that appears more like an 11″ netbook, this 13″ baby sports (up to) a 2nd Gen. Intel i7 processor and solid state hd so it will always be the cool chic on the block.

Add in the aluminum top, carbon-fibre base and gorilla glass and this isn’t only a pretty little lass, but a well built lady that can keep up in most environments.

Want to see more? Check it out! Let me know if you score one before I do!

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

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  1. Hey Ron.. you need to watch out for the I7 processors, ,ost are low voltage ones and do not give you the same power as a regular I7, but that being said.. MacBook Air 13″ 🙂 ultra slim and light as a feather or the Lenovo X220 has a better body construction than Dell and more durable for day to day use! Also check out the X1 from Lenovo.

    • Hey Rick!
      Appreciate the input, I’m currently using and i5… But as for construction doesn’t the carbon fibre and aluminium construction come up the same as the MacBook Air? Feels almost identical… But haven’t put them side by side yet.