Daylight savings time 2007

clockWorried about the change in daylight savings and what it might do to your Windows PC? Basically… don’t worry about it!

That is IF you are running Windows Vista OR Windows XP (service pack 2) and you have automatic updates turned on you should be fine. If you don’t have them turned on, go ahead and open up Internet Explorer (IE) click tools / windows update, follow through the prompts and see if the update is available.

If you’re a bit paranoid (who isn’t with windows? lol) you can go here: and follow the instructions, it will give you the proper update to install, and if you already have it no worries it will tell you. Our systems updated themselves February 17th, 2007… Go figure!

So really there’s not much to worry about, as always keep your system up to date, sit back and enjoy summer come early… more time to cook out at the Bar-B-Que… and harder to get the kids to bed early (argh).