Day 2 – No cigarettes! Wish me luck!

no smoking sign

So 2 weeks into my Odyssey to becoming a non-smoker.. This, just ended was day 14 on Champix, and day 2 without a cigarette!!

I decided a week ago to work with the 0.5mg twice / day of the Champix instead of the 1mg tablets. Not bad at all, by around the 8th day I was smoking less than 10 cigarettes a day, day 11 – 5 cigarettes, day 12 I only had 4 and yesterday … NONE!

I still have a few left in a pack out in the garage… Think I’ll wait a week or so before I go out and empty all the ashtrays and throw them out.. avoid the temptation!

Day’s 13 and 14, knowing I was not going to smoke, I did up the dosage to 1mg twice / day, I didn’t sleep too well last night, but not sure it’s related to Champix, or quitting smoking. In the next few days my plan is to take 1mg tab in the morning and 0.5mg before bed, see if that makes a difference. I’ll probably have to go back to meditating to clear my mind and be able to fall asleep.

It’s not so much that I need a smoke or have a real craving, I just realize that it would be sooo easy to grab one and light up! If the van’s not buried maybe I’ll go to the gym for a bit tonight…. =o)