Year end camp – African Lion Safari

Wow! what an awesome weekend! (View a photo slide show of the weekend)

Cubs at African Lion SafariOur Cub Pack (4th Georgetown) spent the weekend at African Lion Safari (Cambridge).

Friday Grey Brother headed out late morning to pick our site and begin setting everything up. Bagheera, myself and our families were going to head out mid afternoon to complete the set up. Well Bagheera made it, our brood was running behind but we did get there by 5:00. The rest of the group showed up between 7 and 8.

Only complaint was that it was a wee bit cool (ok we were freezing) Friday night, lol.

Saturday started pretty early (I think the kids started waking up around 6am), and we got up and had a great breakfast. We had to make the bus for 9:15 so made it an easy clean up meal of cereal, fruit, muffins, juice and milk.

Everyone looked awesome in their new ‘4th Georgetown Cubs’ t-shirts! We had the Cubs line up two by two and we marched out of camp singing: “Everywhere we goooo, people always ask us, whooo we arrrre…” When we got to where the bus picks us up there was a Guide group waiting (from Niagara Falls) and soon as we finished, they started in with a slightly different version, so we went back and forth getting louder and LOUDER each time! What a riot!

During the wait between the ride to the park and our tour bus the Cubs started doing their now famous ‘5 minute mysteries’ and the Guides were kind of listening in so we brought the two groups together and it kept them busy for the 20minutes waiting for the bus.

Giraffe at African Lion SafariI haven’t been to African Lion Safari since I was about 3 years old (so no memory at all). The ride through the park was excellent! we were able to watch the lions feeding, and the baboons were hilarious! They were climbing all over the bus, up the windows along the edge, crawling over the cars (trying to remove someone roof rack too lol). I can’t believe how fast they are! It was hard to get many good shots of them with the camera, we just didn’t know where to look! Learned a lot, saw a lot and everyone had fun.

After the tour we had a great lunch then went and watched the elephants swim! We made it to all three shows: the Bird show, the Birds of Prey show and the Elephant show. All were very entertaining, but the Elephants by far took the cake! The lead trainer was rofl funny, and the elephants were definitely hamming it up too.

The Cubs had quite a bit of fun running through the adventure play land they had there, and then we had an hour to play in the Water Play Area before we had to catch the bus.

Back at camp we prepared the food for dinner and the Cubs went on a bit of a hike. Christopher says finding the Elephant dung was the highlight of the weekend for him haha!

Cubs made their own tinfoil (parcel) dinners we cooked them in the fire, great meal!

Earlier in the day I had gone around the group camp ground and invited everyone to join us for a huge camp fire that night. There was a Beaver Colony (467 Melvern?), Brownies (Rockwood?), Guides (Niagara Falls) and a Group from Windsor of new Guides, Guides and Pathfinders (appologies if I got anyone wrong and if anyone from these groups reads this contact me and I’ll put up your full info here if you like, photos welcome!). So we hosted an informal camp fire with somewhere around 100 people in attendance! It was a lot of fun having the Guiding groups there and learning some of their songs, and sharing our skits with them. The Pathfinders from Windsor did a few skits also, and everyone got into the songs. A really special treat was when one of the leaders (? maybe a parent) from the Brownie group got us all singing a traditional Native song complete with drum, and closed our camp with a Native Lullaby.

After that the kids were out like a light! Saturday night was definitely a bit warmer than the night before but it was still chilly.

Sunday was another beautiful day and we had a more relaxed breakfast of egg – muffins – fruit etc., packed up camp, the kids had a short hike, and we all went home.

During our closing we all said goodbye to Racoon (Beaver leader), Alex, Christopher and Adam (Racoons two Cubs and one Beaver) who are leaving us and joining the 1st Lakefield Group as they are moving there this summer. We wish them all the best and hope they’ll be able to come back and visit with us again.

All in all it was an awesome camp, fantastic weather, great experiences and good company.