Country Heritage Park

Spring Camp 2009We had an awesome spring camp this year!

Mrs. Bagheera put together an excellent spring camp for us at Country Heritage Park in Milton.

We arrived Friday night (most of us between 7 and 7:30 pm). 12 Cubs, 2 Scouts, 7 Scouters and 1 Trooper.

Camp was set up and we decided to share a pavillion with the 92nd Brampton Guides. Honestly with flush toilets, running (potable) water, electric lights in the pavillion, access to indoors to store our food and supplies… it’s really hard to call it camping lol.. It wasn’t even hard to put in the tent pegs!

On the other side though we can still classify it as ‘roughing it’ as Hathi, Mang and Akela went out of tune on a few songs… Oh and we did sleep in tents and it rained from 2am Friday night off and on through till late Saturday night.

Saturday morning we had a great breakfast then our guide, Julie came and we were off for the morning. In the afternoon, Sara was our Guide.

The Cubs got to make crafts, plant beans, visit a haunted house, play in the hay, visit the animals in the barn, an orchard, a General Store, learn how to gossip and measure each other for a casual shirt and dress shirt; OH! and we can’t forget they got to heard the sheep or maybe they call it stampede the sheep? They fit quite a bit into their program, and the Cubs loved it!

They had good bit of late afternoon free time where some Cubs got involved in competitive Jack-Pot games and others went on swings, chatted, or read a book. Then Cookie and Rustie brought out their box oven that they built and used it to bake excellent cookies for everyone!

Sona (Sara) and Chris (Akela’s Scouts) came by in the afternoon to help out and spend some time at the camp.

After an awesome dinner Hathi put together an excellent campfire program. The Guides joined us and all was great fun. As the program was reaching it’s stride the skies opened up and we got up and walked as a group to one of the pavillions where we lit a lantern and kept right on going! Hathi took his little Trooper off to bed, and Akela helped with the last part of the campfire.

Sunday morning dawned with clear skies, beautiful sun and warm weather to dry out all the gear.

Rusty put together a fantastic Scouts Own (as requirements for a Scouting badge) and the Guides again joined in.

We had a joint closing with the Guides and then broke camp.

Here’s some photos from the weekend:

Our main year is done… I can’t wait till the Summer Fun Camp at Everton!!!