Champix wk2 – Need input

champix logoStarting week 2 on Champix today!  Supposed to go to 1mg twice daily.

Didn’t seem to be too many issues with the 2 0.5mg pills per day. Wondering on the 1mg twice a day though??? The more that I read (even in the literature provided with the product) and speaking with the pharmacist, they mention that there seems to be no difference in quit rates between staying at 0.5mg/day or going to the 1mg/day. The Health Practitioner (Nurse) that I sat down with at the beginning was saying that there may be more benefit to using the lower dose for a longer period of time? I’m kinda leaning towards staying at 0.5mg twice daily for a longer period, since staying quit seems to be the bigger issue personally.

I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there that has any experience with Champix between the 0.5 and 1mg dosages for the 12weeks or longer? I’d love to hear other’s experiences!


  1. I was perscribed to take it this way but had a tough time actually quitting on 0.5 twice a day. Once I took the 1mg twice a day I was able to truly not want a cigarette-the smell, taste etc made me feel sick. I did however have quite a significant reaction to this high dose after 2 weeks on it and am now off of champix entirely. I am still smoke free and have 20 days tomorrow.

    • That’s great Emily! WTG! Keep it up!!! Thanks for commenting.

      I’m getting to not enjoy them anymore either, which is a good thing! 3 days left to smoke for me!! As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s over the long haul that I have issues 2months or 2yrs later! Really hoping this is it though. Almost wish they’d ban the stupid things! LOL