4 Months to get it Right

As some of you know, I've been, overall very happy with my new Alienware MX R2. I did, however have one concern, and that was, as many of us do fear, being left behind. I had originally ordered my Alienware with Windows 8, fully … [Read more...]


Sorry folks, I simply can't hold back any longer... We are expecting! Due date is April 22nd, on or around that date I'll be taking delivery of a brand new baby! Yes, I finally did it! I ordered a Alienware M14x R2. So pumped! 3rd … [Read more...]

We have Wallpaper!

Yeah! Finally have some wallpaper for your desktop, and other pieces of the new Scouts Canada Branding Initiative that we can use and share with our friends and family! Scouts Canada - Brand Centre - Downloads   … [Read more...]