Zyban – Day 2

So second day! So far so good! Only side affect I've noticed is dry-mouth.. Have to look into the details, but I think it's only supposed to be temporary??? Will find out! No change in smoking (but not to be expected for a couple … [Read more...]

Zyban – Day 1

So picked up my prescription for Zyban today!  Yeah!!!! ... Ya right! LOL.. Starting with 1 pill daily for 3 days then up to 2 pills.. Doc gave me 6 weeks worth to start.. he wants to see me half way through to see how it's going.. … [Read more...]


Good article! This keeps coming up consistently every few years, but old habits die hard... Static stretching should only be done at the end of your workout, after you've warmed up your muscles. Read on for the details: … [Read more...]