2000 Steps a day..

This article was written talking about the benefits of 2000 steps a day for pre-diabetics. I firmly believe that just 2,000 steps a day would cut heart attack risk for anyone! The benefit of even a small amount of activity or simply … [Read more...]

Quit Smoking Day 14

Wow! I can't believe I've survived the last two weeks! First Zyban follow up: After going off the Zyban Feb 4th, the side effects slowly dissipated over the next 3 to 5 days... After 24hrs I still wanted to smoke (really badly!!) But was … [Read more...]

Zyban Day 12

So between Days 5 and 12... Heck of a week!!! As the days progressed two things became very evident.. 1, Zyban works and 2, I can't use it! Let me explain: After the first week, I wasn't smoking any less often, but the desire wasn't as … [Read more...]

Zyban – Day 5

So today is day 5! Yesterday my dosage increased from 150mg to 300.. So far so good! Dry mouth isn't near as bad (yeah!), but I think the Zyban may be affecting my sleep. The last couple nights I haven't been sleeping all that well. … [Read more...]