Sometimes it doesn’t matter!

So perusing FaceBook this morning seeing lots of the usual medley of kitty and puppy pics with zen sayings and the lot, and came across this posting: Is winning all that counts? Are you absolutely sure about that? I consider myself to … [Read more...]

Quit Smoking Day 14

Wow! I can't believe I've survived the last two weeks! First Zyban follow up: After going off the Zyban Feb 4th, the side effects slowly dissipated over the next 3 to 5 days... After 24hrs I still wanted to smoke (really badly!!) But was … [Read more...]

Zyban Day 12

So between Days 5 and 12... Heck of a week!!! As the days progressed two things became very evident.. 1, Zyban works and 2, I can't use it! Let me explain: After the first week, I wasn't smoking any less often, but the desire wasn't as … [Read more...]

Zyban – Day 5

So today is day 5! Yesterday my dosage increased from 150mg to 300.. So far so good! Dry mouth isn't near as bad (yeah!), but I think the Zyban may be affecting my sleep. The last couple nights I haven't been sleeping all that well. … [Read more...]

Zyban – Day 2

So second day! So far so good! Only side affect I've noticed is dry-mouth.. Have to look into the details, but I think it's only supposed to be temporary??? Will find out! No change in smoking (but not to be expected for a couple … [Read more...]

Zyban – Day 1

So picked up my prescription for Zyban today!  Yeah!!!! ... Ya right! LOL.. Starting with 1 pill daily for 3 days then up to 2 pills.. Doc gave me 6 weeks worth to start.. he wants to see me half way through to see how it's going.. … [Read more...]