Sad news & Birthday wishes…

So it was my brother, James’ birthday today 35 woohoo! Happy Birthday Bro!

Since Bert was still recovering from her eye surgery on Wednesday my Dad and Carolyn had been down to visit and help out they were still around and had gone to Jim’s for dinner.

My Dad and I took Jim out to the show. We went to see Deja Vu… GREAT movie!
While I was waiting for the two of them to meet up with me at the Yorkdale Silverscreen I got a call from Berta… Grampa Bob, my Mom’s husband had passed away earlier that afternoon. I immediately called my mom, she was with friends and not doing too bad. They had had a few weeks to prepare, though it was still fairly sudden. Sara was very upset as she has always really loved her Grampa Bob. We all hope that all goes well for my Mom, and are glad that he went fairly quickly without having to endure too much pain for too long. He’s with the Lord now, God bless him and all those he loved and who loved him.