Blackberry vs iPhone

blackberry-tour-9630As anyone who knows me could tell you, last week I finally took possession of my first smart phone, a BlackBerry Tour 9630.

The journey to my BlackBerry was a long one and at times confusing! For some background: I had recently laid to rest my 5th PDA, an HP iPAQ running Windows Mobile. Prior to that I have owned, used, abused and put to rest a Palm III, a Palm IIIxe, a Palm V, and a Palm Tungsten E. Then I have always had my cell phone, dating back to 1991 when I purchased my first AT&T phone (1lb?) on the Cantel Network.

So the time had definitely come, to merge these two worlds into one unit. But what to get, what to use?

I needed a PDA (calendar, tasks, docs, spreadsheets, email); Internet tool (browser, IM, twitter, facebook (I do specialize in social media and the web lol) and more); Extras? (MP3, Video, Camera?); and of course I need a phone, and a good one! I was sick of lousy reception et al. Also, I wanted a plan that was affordable, and would meet my needs…

Palm? Sorry but the last few years Palm’s smart phones haven’t been up to the task. They worked fine as a PDA but the phone call quality was not good at all. Palm is releasing the PRE later this month, it was VERY tempting, but maybe next time.

Windows Mobile Phones? Almost… I was 75% sold on getting a Win Mobile device, the hold backs? Face it Windows Mobile was familiar, but it crashes, freezes and you have to reboot on a regular basis.. at least I did… But then I use my tool to the tune of recharging a battery up to twice a day!

What was left???!!! iPhone or Blackberry…

iPhone? I almost nabbed an iPhone! When I sat down and looked at it, and what it was (it is awesome) I realized I was looking at a toy not a tool. If all you want is music, games, video, Internet and a phone.. this is probably bang on for what you want.

But it wasn’t my choice. I ended up going for the BlackBerry Tour. Some of the reasons Anton Wahlman lays out in this great article: Blackberry’s 26 Advantages over iPhone — Seeking Alpha.

Ultimately I needed a tool for business, the fact that it also has a great many built in toys (LOVE the maps app, resolution on video and was totally blown away by the photo and video quality for a phone!)… well that’s just a bonus! =o)


  1. In my opinoin blackberry has good feature than iphone and let see what’s new in iphone 4