Apple Day

apple day
Woke earlier than normal for a Saturday, Sara, Chris and I headed out for Apple Day! We took two roots went out had some fun and raised some money for the 4th Georgetown Scout Group.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect, being that the last Apple Day I was a part of all we did was stand infront of a store, hand out apples and accost the local patrons for donations to support our group. The idea of going door to door was a bit different. I was very surprised by the response. It was very positive! Though there were quite a few people who were not at home, those that were, by and large were positive, good natured, and readily donated. There was a few who were expecting us (or another member of Scouting) with a donation sitting handily on a table near the entrance.

I was very pleased that we were able to get 15 or 16 youth from out Cub Pack out today. I’m looking forward to see how we did overall.

After we returned home we spent most of the day working. The kids went off to ride their bikes and play with their friends.