alienware M14x

Sorry folks, I simply can’t hold back any longer… We are expecting!

Due date is April 22nd, on or around that date I’ll be taking delivery of a brand new baby!

Yes, I finally did it! I ordered a Alienware M14x R2. So pumped!

3rd gen i7processor, 12GB RAM, BlueRay slot load drive, 2GB Video RAM, 500GB 7200rpm HD w 128 GB SSD for caching.. Sweeeet!!!

After I ordered I was going through some reviews and videos of the Alienware.. Found out it’s also got about 6hrs battery life, and a USB slot that works while the system is off for charging cell phones etc!

Looking forward to the AlienFX too.. You can change the led colours by quadrant based on events you specify..

So in the meantime I wait, back up everything I can, and make sure I have all my software to install ready to go!

Sara’s very pumped at taking on my Vostro 3400 too..