Adobe Air Apps crashing Windows on install?

Adobe Air IconI recently spent bits and pieces of time over the last couple of months searching out and experimenting with various Twitter apps to both, try them out and find something that will assist my tweeting addiction, =o)…

Many Twitter Apps are written using Adobe’s new ‘Air’, which provides a beautiful experience but I had a problem! Everytime I attempted to install any Adobe Air Application, Windows would crash to a blue screen of death! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

I tried many solutions, to no avail, then finally late last night, in the wee hours before dawn, the right keywords were searched and I happened across this forum post: on the Adobe Forums.

WOOHOO I found the problem and better yet, the solution!

It turns out that our wonderful friend Adobe Air has a major problem with one particular application: Folder Lock! I don’t know who actually has the issue, if it’s something in Air’s install framework or in Folder Lock. I do know that I have used Folder Lock for many years and love it’s security and privacy, luckily I currently wasn’t using it so I uninstalled it and voila! I can now go through reviewing Twitter Apps, including all those built with Adobe Air…

Thank you to those who posted on the Adobe Forum, I’m in your debt!


  1. Well you made things a lot easier for me. I had the same issue, and a quick google got me here.

    Kudos, detective Boyd.