about me

Ron BoydBackground

I was born in Sudbury, Ontario Canada in 1968.

I did most of my growing up in the east end of Oshawa right up until I was 17. The family moved to Scarborough and I finished my last year of high school and the college years there.

My parents split up the year I turned 10. My mom and my best friend’s (Dave Corley) dad ended up getting married a few years later. Dave and I have the same birthday so it was kinda cool.. twin step brothers… lol, get your head around that one eh!

I was a pretty average student, few C’s, mostly B’s a peppering of A’s in there too. As I grew up I figured out that I loved learning but never really liked school. It had it’s moments of course.


I enjoyed Scouting as a whole. I started Beavers with the 7th Oshawa in 1973, then went to the 37th Oshawa for Cubs (I didn’t enjoy Cubs much), and then to 12th Oshawa for Scouts and Venturers. It was at the 12th that I got totally hooked on Scouting! I was a Scout for 3 years, went through and earned my Chief Scout’s Award, and became an SIT for 3 years before we moved to Scarborough.

After a few years in Scarborough I became a Troop Scouter with the 3rd Highland Creek Troop East Scarborough District for just over 2 years. Always knew I’d be back later in life but it was time to get some things in order first.

2004 Christopher started Beavers himself and when he went up to Cubs I became a leader also. Sara moved over the next year from Guides and the three of us have really been enjoying. Scouting ever since!

In 2006 I started helping out at the Area level, and helped out with training. I’ve been a member of the Area Team since and in 2012 Sara became our Area Youth commissioner!

In 2010 Aaron joined us as a Brown Tail, Beaver, and I left pack to help out at Colony. That spring I was invited, by the Company to be an advisor, and we registered our first Rover that summer for a trip to Warsaw Caves!

Chris now helps with Beavers, Sara with Cubs, and both are Venturer Scouts. Definitely a Scouting Family!

Education & Career

Career-wise I studied Marketing and Finance in College (never could make up my mind =o)). Tried my hand doing some accounts receivable which is when I figured out that I needed people! So it was 7 years to get a designation and hang my plaque or find something else to do…

Worked for a while as a mail / records clerk at Commercial Union Life (loved that job!) people, work, brain stuff and tinkering (got to look after repairing all the copiers and other office machines, it was great!).

Soon as I hit my 6month requirement I started taking every course they’d pay for! Signed up and started working my way through the LOMA Institute courses, got my Associates Designation and kept going. Started applying to every department opening that was available. Got tested in the math area and surprise surprise I passed with flying colours! They gave me a shot, I was 6 years younger and a full university degree shy of anyone else in the department but I fit in pretty good and really enjoyed the work for almost 4 years! The bottom fell out of the life insurance industry and I moved on.

I did many different things from: security guard, telemarketing, promotions, sales management, retail management, advertising sales, RIBO licensed insurance broker, Life agent and more…

Eventually when Chris was born and Berta’s health took a turn for the worse I made the decision to come home and see what I could do to earn a living here. I discovered the Internet, started goofing around with websites, and taught myself the basics.

Once I started getting pretty knowledgeable at what I was doing, more and more people started seeking out my assistance. I’d found my niche! I went back to college, took a web design / webmaster course to get some formal education and started Orion’s Web!


I have spent 20+ years training and developing teams and project supervision in the areas of Web Design, Development, sales, marketing, & customer service.

In 15+ years on the Internet, I’ve enjoyed working along side existing teams, and bringing together teams for specific projects for many companies and corporations globally.

I have certifications and/or diplomas in Marketing, Web Design, Web Master and Training Delivery & Evaluation. I’ve taught web design and applications development in college classrooms, corporations and 1 on 1 for over 10 years and still enjoy mentoring many up and coming industry professionals.

Today as the Internet has evolved so has what I do. I am a Website Consultant and focus on assisting client in the area of marketing (Social Media, design, branding and image), website management, and I own and operate OWHosting a small-medium sized hosting company with servers in both the United States and Canada.


I try to volunteer my time when and where he can. I have spoken for the Durham Board of Education by invitation on several occasions on the topic of the Internet and the various Career options that have developed over the last decade.

I also help co-ordinate the annual Halton Skills Competition for Website Development, with both the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board.

In 2011 I took a seat on the Halton Hills Litter Free Task Force and help organize the annual Earth Day/Week events for the Town of Halton Hills.

Our entire family take time with the JDRF, whether through participating in fundraising for the annual Walk for a Cure or helping out other ways, it is a cause that we have all rallied to.

My true love is in Scouting. I pretty much spend what time I can as a Venturer Advisor and Leader with 4th Georgetown Scout Group. Scouting offers so many opportunities to give back to the community, play a small part in the growth and development of our youth into well rounded adults. Through Scouting, I have had the opportunity to help out with the Georgetown Daily Bread Basket Food Drive and participate in the annual Remembrance Day and Santa Clause Parades.

To top it off, through our company, Orion’s Web we sponsor: a Championship Latin Dance Team, an Outboard Motor Racing Team, the Bolton Lion’s Club and a few websites for Scouting Groups.