Had a great day today!

It started with a late night last night; Chris & I watched the first Terminator movie (1984), before we retired around 3am.

This morning we all slept in a bit before getting going.. Mission for the day… #roadtrip! Head to Niagara Falls to visit my parents, check out their new home and return Laker.. 🙁


We were a bit shocked when checking out Google maps that the 407 was going to save us almost a half hour! Lots of slow downs today! Understatement! Anyway no rush.. So no way we’re paying the 407 tolls.

Interestingly enough, to reroute around the slowdowns and save about 15 mins on the trip Google took us on a sight seeing tour! I’ve taken Guelph line before but only once or twice all the way to the QEW. The first time part of the trip, for me, was by-passing the Burlington Skyway! What a nice drive along the shoreline…

Once we arrived in the historic Chippewa section of Niagara Falls it was easy to find their new place.. What a great location! 10 mins off the QEW, a few streets away from the river and creek with fishing, swimming and boating available. Awesome!

Had a really good visit, helped with some unpacking, an awesome dinner and we hit the road home.

The saddest part is, we’re really gonna miss the little guy.. Having Laker with us this past two weeks had really made us all want to have a dog in the family even more so.

Got a busy couple of days ahead, then we’re of off I vacation! Woohoo! 🙌