4 Months to get it Right

As some of you know, I’ve been, overall very happy with my new Alienware MX R2. I did, however have one concern, and that was, as many of us do fear, being left behind.

I had originally ordered my Alienware with Windows 8, fully understanding that my new system did NOT support touch screen, but also having researched how to use Windows 8 sans touch.

So after a few calls with Dell’s great service department, and tech support they convinced me that I’d be much happier using Windows 7 with my new Alienware.

Another ‘bug’ was the system set up. I’d ordered a 128GB SSD with 500GB 7200rpm HD thinking that the 128GB would be a cache drive. Well, yet another reason to ‘do your homework’ … turns out that you can only actually use 64GB of a 128GB SSD for caching in Windows 7! So reconverted to use the SSD as my main C drive and popped all the user files to the 500GB drive… it worked, but meh, I am always looking over my shoulder now to ensure I don’t run out of space… ho hum…

So, so far, very happy, couple hic-ups and frustrations, but all was going alright. Then, I proceeded to work on a couple foreign language websites… Guess what!? Windows 7 and 8 do NOT allow you to install language packs you need to upgrade to pro or ultimate to get language packs!!!! Who’da thunk it?! More calls to dell, my original order was for Win 8 Pro… Well they are unable to get stand alone upgrades for Win7 to pro or ultimate, except on new builds.

They shipped me a download of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade (add on)… course I require Windows 8 first. They don’t have stand alone Windows 8 available either…

Alienware 14Almost 4 months from my original order, I got a call, from Dell… they are shipping me Windows 8 Pro full version… it comes atta

ched to a brand new Alienware 14! So sometime in the next week and a half, I’m looking forward to delivery of the new Anodized

12 GB Ram is being increased to 16GBAluminium Alienware 14! Not only that but Dell has resolved all my other issues as follows:

  • 128GB SSD is being replaced by a 256GB SSD
  • 500GB HD upped to 750GB (7200rpm)

Looking forward to setting it all up! Finally, Thank you Dell!

Concerns? Yep, 2! What are they?

First the newer system’s internal battery doesn’t last as long as this system (I can push 6hours on my r2) it only lasts up to 4.5hrs.

Second, I’ve read a few reviews and seems that the new Alienware 14 runs hotter than the MXr2. The reports that claim this all point to it running hot while gaming but that it seems to do fine running video. I use my system more for video and graphics than gaming, so hoping that all will be well.