2007 Greater Halton Cuboree

Wow! We had an awesome weekend!

Last weekend we had about 75 Cubs and Leaders from Greater Halton get together for a camp at Valens Conservation Area in Cambridge.

We did the camp opening Friday night and successfully executed a traditional Jungle Opening (though it wouldn’t win any awards, lol).

Shortly after opening it started to rain and built to a decent steady soaking.

7th Milton ran a wet game of capture the flag, the kids got drenched but had an awesome time!

Saturday morning we started out with Each group moving from event to event. 4th Georgetown had Communications and Morse Code, 1st Acton /1st Hornby taught the kids about navigation and how to use hand held GPS units, 2nd Georgetown taught lashing and frapping and had the kids create a chariot and carry each other around taking turns. The kids really enjoyed all of the events however 7th Milton’s bottle rockets really took the cake.

After lunch we completed our last rotation so that every Cub was able to do each event. Then we all headed over to the beach! Valens’ beach was not the greatest, but it was wet, not too deep and the kids didn’t care at all. The leaders had a Cub Tossing contest with Hathi from 4th Georgetown coming out as the clear winner.

Saturday evening’s Campfire went off really well. All groups participated and seemed to enjoy the singing, skits and cheers (some arm twisting required =o)).

Sunday Scouts Own was headed up by Baloo and Hathi (4th G-twn) who did an excellent job. Camp closing and clean up went great.

It was an excellent weekend, another great Scouting adventure to remember.