Archives for 12, October 2006

New cell phone

So after going for the last month without my cell phone, I finally made the trip out to pick up a new cell. When it comes to technology and toys I love (as most do) the toys and features. However I also tend towards being a purist in that … [Read more...]

Scouters’ club

So picked up Paul tonight at about 7:45 and off we went to Scouters' club. What a disappointment, only 4 of us showed up.. including the two of us! I think part of the reason was due to short notice on the date / time / location this … [Read more...]

Scouting Background

I started in the Scouting movement at age 5 with the 7th Oshawa Beavers at Athabasca Street Public School. After 3 years of 'sharing, sharing, sharing' I transferred to he 37th Oshawa Cubs down the street from our house at Grandview Public … [Read more...]